This air bag cutting machine adopts CO2 laser glass tube, be able to cut multi-layer fabric. It equips with imported rack & pinion and linear guide, this transmission system ensure this machine could work stably in the long run. It has good dynamic performance and strong load capacity.

This model air bag cutting machine has integrated laser cutting, precision machinery and motion control technique to achieve high speed, high precision, high efficiency and ensure good cost performance.

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Product Description

Working Area : 2500mm x 2100mm
Maximum Cutting Layers : 10 layers
Spot Diameter : 8mm
Angel of Divergence : 2.6mrad
Max Speed : 46m/min
Accuracy of Position : 0.07mm / 1000mm
Repeated Positioning : 0.05mm / 1000mm
Cooling Method : Water Cooling
Graphic Supported : PLT, DFX, and etc
Power Consumption : 3kw
Power Supply : 220V / 50Hz
Weight : 1300kg
Overall Dimension : 3300mm x 1900mm x 1150mm

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