CMA1390T CO2 laser cutting machine is equipped with two laser head and CO2 laser generator, and can cut any curve continuously at high speed. This CO2 laser cutting machine is equipped with two cutting heads so that the processing efficiency will be doubled, it is especially suitable for the mass cutting and engraving of appliqué embroidery.

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Product Description

Laser power:30-150W
Cutting thickness:0?25mm(determined by materials)
Engraving speed:0-64000(mm/min)
Cutting speed:0-36000(mm/min)
Minimum shaping character: Chinese 2x2mm,English 1x1mm
Location precision:<0.05mm
Gross power:<1600W
CMA-1390T Dimension:1900x1390x1170mm

 Model processing area(mm) Engraving speed     (mm/min) Cutting speed (mm/min) Net veight (kg)
CMA-1390T 1300×900 0-64000 0-36000 315
CMA-1610T 1600×1000 0-64000 0-36000 385
CMA-1680T 1600×800 0-64000 0-36000 346
CMA-1910T 1900×1000 0-64000 0-36000 495
CMA-1910M 1900×1000 0-64000 0-36000 485
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