The V701 is a novelty of 2011 and helps to solve many production and quality problems occurring already in the first phase of jeans production, precisely, back pocket hemming. The latest technical solution applied in this unit improves its performance by offering a more flexible and better stitching.

The speed is set at 2400 rpm, which is the highest speed for a lock stitch unit on the market. The hourly production for this machine is slightly lower than that of V700CS due to the bobbin change. But once again, Vi.Be.Mac.ís Research & Development department has developed and patented a unique and extra quick system to change the external bobbin (in less than 15 sec). An even more flexible transport system permits to hem fabric of any sickness, from bathing suits to shirts to any denim fabric even stretch denim. Also, the innovative transportation system sews pockets of any shape and size, from coin pockets to some bigger pockets for working pants without leaving any signs on the fabric.

With V701 you can forget about manual hemming of he pockets that result in curved pocket edges (that affects all the following phases of production) and low productivity. This unit guarantees a perfectly flat and straight pocket stitching independently from who executes the operation!

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Product Description

A part from the obvious benefit in terms of production, this unit offers the flexibility of working on any kind of fabric (from stretch to polyester to nylon to a thicker denim fabric) and the opportunity to attach pockets of any size without readjusting the machine. You should keep in mind that the quality of stitching on the hemmed pockets should not be taken for granted.
Equipped with Mitsubishi head, V701 unit is a strong, stable and precise machine with a wide range of needle gauges applicable. The unwanted wave or arching effect on the pockets will no longer be your problem thanks to the innovative pneumatic transportation system that can adjust to any kind of fabric and a bender mechanism that is capable to satisfy every fashion request.
The stitching length can be easily adjusted on the control panel. The new mechanic system permits to remove the entire transportation mechanism for a better and easier maintenance.
At the end of transportation belt, the automatic unloader stacks the hemmed pockets on the storage disk. When buying the second storage disk (optional) you gain the opportunity to work without stopping with a free disk, while brining the full disk to the production section. V701 can be used in two modes: for the mass production with the worker constantly loads the machine and support more production lines; for lower levels of production, the operator can work simultaneously with the pocket design unit 1010V4DCS or DLS. The same worker pursue the hemming procedure, then design/embroidery, achieving single-handedly incredible results in production.