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This is a flat bed unit for double lap stitching on jeans, casual trousers and working clothes. It is particularly suitable for back yoke, back seat and pocket hemming thanks to its unique technical design. The perfect combination of our belt puller system with the feed dog and the needle feed transport system of Vi.Be.Mac. sewing head make this unit extremely effective. The wide range of needle gauges offers various solutions for all the fashion needs.

Equipped with a completely new 7” coloured touch screen panel, which is now totally user-friendly (the easiest-to-use ever made), new presser foot, new loop aligner system, new electronic and new software fully in-house developed by Vi.Be.Mac.

The V701 is a novelty of 2011 and helps to solve many production and quality problems occurring already in the first phase of jeans production, precisely, back pocket hemming. The latest technical solution applied in this unit improves its performance by offering a more flexible and better stitching.

The speed is set at 2400 rpm, which is the highest speed for a lock stitch unit on the market. The hourly production for this machine is slightly lower than that of V700CS due to the bobbin change. But once again, Vi.Be.Mac.’s Research & Development department has developed and patented a unique and extra quick system to change the external bobbin (in less than 15 sec). An even more flexible transport system permits to hem fabric of any sickness, from bathing suits to shirts to any denim fabric even stretch denim. Also, the innovative transportation system sews pockets of any shape and size, from coin pockets to some bigger pockets for working pants without leaving any signs on the fabric.

With V701 you can forget about manual hemming of he pockets that result in curved pocket edges (that affects all the following phases of production) and low productivity. This unit guarantees a perfectly flat and straight pocket stitching independently from who executes the operation!

EV7RR has got a completely new presser foot, with a more solid structure to reduce the torque, and easier to adjust, with more grip, to obtain a greater stability during the sewing of the loop. Furthermore, an optional 3rd cylinder was added, to increase the traction during the loading process, and to reduce any movement of the loop.

Also loop cutting has been modified, in order to increase the life of the knife itself. In addition, the same hammer can be used for single or double-edged, without changing any part, and this means saving both money and time. The suction has been modified and improved, to ensure a greater efficiency. The new wiper is quicker and more efficient , and its position has been changed, to facilitate the operator. The 4650 EV7RR has also a redesigned panel, for an easier comprehension of each key function. The client can also have, on request, some optional features: a new loop aligner device, developed for the “3D” loop, but it works perfectly with all kind of belt loops, and a new bobbin winder.

The EV7RR is the perfect choice for a customer who wants to get excellent results, and great savings.

In general, the belt-loop attaching process consists of several different steps, the preliminarily cutting of the belt-loop strips into pieces, the fold into the belt-loop shape, and the sewing on the belt. Our EV7RR automatically performs these steps, the operator only has to place the garment on the sewing machine. This means increasing productivity, saving time, energy and money.

Square pockets, round pockets, left & right pockets, perfectly creased corners on any kind of fabric. This V100H once completely redesigned by Vi.Be.Mac. in order to improve the older model has no comparison today. Two independent creasing heads, automatic creasing cycle, with ability to feed 2 pocket setters for perfect stitching, strengthened in the electric and folding components. This unit is now improved by a sophisticated new technology developed in order to reduce energy consumption (-30% compared to the previous model) and to considerably increase the creasing quality and speed of the carriage. Change creasing jigs in a couple of minutes thanks to the screw-less pneumatic device.

Equipped with a super fast Yamato sewing head exclusively designed for Vi.Be.Mac. and fully made in Japan, the V800 is a 1 or 2 needles, 4 threads overlock unit that runs at 6300 rpm
Developed with the latest technical solutions, this unit guarantees super high sewing performances, flexibility and an incredible stitching quality, besides long lasting life of its parts and components.
The innovative and PATENTED air-assisted transport system allows to stitch ANY kind of fabric, from light to heavy, stretch or double stretch, besides being the first and the only serging unit which can sew on the back panel with the back yoke already joint, thanks to our automatic and PATENTED back yoke joint detector!
The V800 AS presents amazing and patented new solutions based on our statement “BUILT TO LAST” or rather: 4 lt extra oil, forced oil device with inter cooler pump (patented), 100% cut scraps vacuum device, special cutting system device with HSS blades (patented) provided with vacuum and sensor which allow the machine to work continuously, long lasting blade +50% and threads saving over +70% . An extra Pneumatic cylinder assists the cutting device.
As much as all the Vi.Be.Mac. units, our technicians put special consideration towards the operator’s comfort, that’s why the stand is adjustable in height and equipped with wheels to make any movements inside the production lines easier. Same for our internal stacker, safe in use and space saving. Furthermore, whenever maintenance operations need to be done, the sliding upper table allows the operator to completely open it, making any operation a kid’s stuff!
Forget about the manual side seam operation with its huge problems of low productivity and poor manual quality results, just switch to automation with the V800AS and get the best output possible in terms of both quality and quantity!

This automatic unit offers solution for attaching the waistand to denim and casual pants with a “single piece” method. All the 3022WB201 series are equipped with a sewing head entirely developed by Vi.Be.Mac.’s R&D department. Our customers have a vast choice of different models with various needle configurations and gauges.

Automatic unit for waistband application on jeans, casual trousers and denim jackets with the “continuous waistband” working method. The waistband is attached perfectly thanks to a special folding system. The unit cuts the fabric and automatically leaves open the seaming according to the needs of operator. The customer has a big range of models with various configurations and distance between the needles.

This cylindric arm single (lock or chain stitch) needle unit can stitch from inside or outside by changing the kind of folder. Thanks to the stepping motor there is no need tochange the gears in order to adjust the stitch length and reset the unit. Also, a large rotary hook together with the special needle feed transport system with double roller (puller) permits to hem perfectly pants, jeans and jackets in any fabric.

This unit is equipped with a very fast sewing head (6000 rpm) that is custom made by Yamato (Japan), and the original Vi.Be.Mac. puller system that improve considerably the quality of finished garment by sewing flawlessly two quarters of fabric parts, without the twisted leg effect! Thanks to the developed puller system there is no need  for an additional skilled operator in order to pull through the quarter parts of trousers and to match them perfectly. The ergonomic stand of the unit can be adjusted in height and closed inside for an easier maintenance and cleaning.

Apart from being a very reliable unit, it has a sewing head with 2 split needles that can function indipendently and at the same time. Moreover, all the 2250 PLC series can be modified mechanically and electronically and are supplied with their dedicated software. This machine is an ideal solution for stitching together the frontal parts of jeans/pants on one machine with one operator, instead of using 2-4 machines with 2-4 operators.
You can program your 1-2 needle sequence till max 4 steps per sequence and start saving immediately on handling time, number of operators, space in the production line, spare parts, electricity and compressed air consumption.

Developed in response to the requests of the customers, the 2262HP is a “sister” unit of the already famous 2261HP. It is strong, fast and precise and guarantees the constancy of stitching length even on the thickest parts! The 2262 HP is a reverse lap feed of the arm unit with three needle chain stitch needle and is suitable for all the double waistband operations on jeans, casual and working pants, including shirts. This unit is particularly suitable for sewing back yoke and rise, inseams and outseams, in addition to the top stitch operations. It does not have rivals on the market when working with the shirt fabric.