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SMARTmark is the most advanced automatic marker making software available today. SMARTmark, an add-on module to TUKAcad, maximizes the placement of markers and utilizes every possible piece of fabric, generating enormous savings. Using SMARTmark to acquire a styles true estimated fabric yield, based on actual ratio to be cut, will save anywhere from 3 to 15% in fabric cost per marker. Users unanimously agree that the SMARTmark automatic marker making software pays for itself!

TUKA3D is the fashion industry's most advanced, easy-to-use, 3D apparel design and development software. Customize your virtual fit model, build life-like virtual clothing samples, and create stunning presentations for buyers, retailers, or even customers. Tukatech's 3D apparel design software eliminates the need for trial and error in physical sample creation, ensuring that any design fits right the first time. This video provides a great overview of the capabilities of TUKA3D.

TUKAcad is an innovative apparel pattern design software that is perfect for manufacturers and designers of any size. Operating under Microsoft Windows, TUKAcad allows the user to accurately build patterns, grade rules and markers for single styles or entire lines. It is the advanced pattern making, grading and marker making system that will streamline your production process and reduce operating expenses. Built-in audio/video help, loads of TUKAtips and the option to buy or sign up for a monthly subscription are just some of the advantages of this award winning pattern making software. Purchase of TUKAcad pattern design software comes with free unlimited training and even free re-training of new employees should customers undergo a turn-over in their workforce.

TUKAstudio is the complete software suite for all of your fabric, print, and textile design needs. It is an intuitively designed software system that will allow you to plan complex weaves, color schemes, prints, and so much more. Sophisticated garment techniques and styles can be designed in mere minutes, giving you professional and accurate results every time. TUKAstudio is designed for industrial garment making, but it features a simple interface perfect for the novice designer. TUKAstudio contains seven different modules: Color Separations, Repeats, Weaves, Jacquards, Colorways, Knits, and Storyboards.